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Yiddleja Skull

DJ Yiddleja

Mix Tapes with Yiddleja

Yiddleja [pronounced yidl-jay-eh] is a master connoisseur of all things geeky. Lover of horror, adventure and life-long gamer, Yiddleja hosts a weekly show discussing games, movies, and concert experiences. He also plays live requests in the vein of rock, comedy and old-school classics. Check out his show times here!

He's also raising money to help fund a sick kids' hospital: Extra-Life.org


I'm on a mission to save kids and I need your help. The OTTAWA CHEO treats thousands of children each year, regardless of their family's ability to pay. These kids are facing scary stuff like cancer, cystic fibrosis, and injuries from accidents to name just a few.

On November 7 2015, I'll be participating in this huge worldwide celebration of the social impact of gamers of all kinds from video games to board games and tabletop RPG's! I will be streaming live on this day at Twitch.tv

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Metal Hammer Skull

MC Metal Hammer

The Mosh Pit



MC Metal Hammer likes it loud. 'nuff said.


Have you tuned in? WELL THEN...WTF are you waiting for? A hand written invitation?

Join THE MOSH PIT!!! \m/


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Danger Ahead Skull


New Sign of the Times


From the pooling depths of fear within the subconscious minds of the multiverse, his suffuses all others but dissolves none. Existence enriched, transcends. Too much? In a world full of talking-heads and noisy neophytes, who can you really trust? I ask because I care, and because the world is starting to look pretty crazy out there. So trust in New Sign of the Times, a show devoted to channeling the rage of a generation born from systemic slavery and the decay that permeates our society and our lives. Help us create a better mass media…

As in media for the masses.

Don’t Trust Anyone! We urge our readers and viewers to QUESTION EVERYTHING they see and read! Learn to educate yourself and more imporantly...

Channel your anger!

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Atomic Adam Skull

DJ Atomic Adam

Mix master and beat lover DJ Atomic Adam has been spinning tables for years. Out of the box and bridging a whole new trend gap between House, Techno, Dance,  Old Skhool,  Dubstep, Club,  Hi-NRG, Trance, and 8-bit...

electronics never had it so good.


He's also an plant enthusiast, car lover and he's freakin' dropped on coilovers!


He's Mad Max meets the rythm of the night...


Shows are upcoming. Check out our schedule for launch dates.

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Kikila Skull


Chris 'Kikila' Perrin

Fetishes & Fantasy


Kikila Perrin lives in Montreal...a little too far from the sea. A mediocre philosopher, an amaturish author, and campy musician, Kikila (Hawai’ian for ‘Chris’) dabbles in monologuing, diatribing, and generally working through editing what often becomes a feature-length amount of footage into a roughly 5-minute Webisode.

Author of the ‘Fetishes & Fantasy Philosophy Blog’ (www.fetishphilosophy.blogspot.com) and contributor to The Subtopian (www.subtopian.com), Kikila is interested in the re-productive nature of ideology as a cultural system and spends most of his time making people’s ears bleed in service of this interest.

A relative-structuralist, Kikila is interested in structures as analytic devices while seeing them in relation to different cultures and peoples as a whole (particularly since structures - he’d tell you - are not transferable). When asked about universals, he replies: ‘Universals are historically not cool...and I’m a historian.’


From Fetishes & Fantasy:

My name is Chris, and I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I've been writing for a while - academically, various blogs, short stories (one or two for subtopian.com), and a novel here and there (never published) - and decided, recently, to start working on a philosophy-based blog. I hold an MA from Concordia University (cultural history) and have a particular interest in ethnography, anthropology, and philosophy that has brought me to this. Being into surfing, music, and a few other things, I've never pinned myself down as any one thing (despite always trying to place everyone else into boxes).

After the failure of the Student Movement in Quebec in 2012, I opted-out for a while and tried to move away from political, academic, and philosophical activities. When I got back to Montreal in 2014, there were certain pulls to get involved and analytical again (namely, the influence of my fiancée). Fetishes & Fantasy - among other things - is a representation of that.

This blog is going to serve more as a platform for working out and working on ideas while evaluating my lived experiences in a philosophical way. It is also something of a thought experiment, and I'm going to try and keep the writing pretty minimalistic and comprehensible (I'll try my best to not use any of the overly academic terms that philosophy tends to lean towards).

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